Capture, create, and share your story.

Video tells a story better than any other format out there. With video you can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Video Portfolio

Business Overview

In our opinion if you haven’t made a video for your business this is the first place to start. Business overview videos is exactly that an overview of your business, who you are, what you do, what are your products and/or services, where are you based, how can someone contact you. This can be a great awareness campaign or and has tremendous impact on your website. Let us help you tell your story. Click below to find out more.


Interviews, testimonials or announcement are some examples of corporate videos. Videos are the best way to communicate a message second to being there in person. Corporate style videos puts the focus on the speaker and their message, its all about what you want to say and to who. Don’t worry we can help you figure that out too as well as add relevant cinematic footage, motion graphics and text to entice and intrigue the viewer. Making sure your message is heard.


This is where you really try to stand out from the crowd and anything goes. If you want to run a campaign to show people your new amazing product, generate leads or spread your awareness. Then lets make an ad that people want to share.



No matter what event it is, they all have the same thing in common. You only get one shot. Events are very dynamic, anything could happen at any time and when it comes to filming you need to always be ready. Doesn’t matter the reason, exposure, awareness or memories well be there capturing the moments that count.

Stock Footage Video

Stock footage videos are a great option if you have an online business and have no location to film. It’s a budget friendly option as it cuts out the need to film. We have access to near 1 million stock videos that we can source from and license as part of your project. Additionally we have a wide network of voice over artists and will add some motion graphics to bring your video to life .


Whether you want to educate your customer on your business, product or service. Animation is an excellent option as an explainer video, as its strength lies in being able to visually show or explain different concepts in an easy to understand way for your customers.

Video Services

We have a wide range of video services to cater to your video marketing or branding needs. See how we can be part of your overall strategy, and if you don't have one, just give us a call so we can help you on the right path.

Pre - Production

We will travel to the film location, to get familiar with the surroundings to plan more accurately for filming, and while on site we will take creative notes and speak to your business representative about what to avoid and what is the most important to film at the location.

Planning out the video on paper, writing out the scenes and individual shots. With descriptions to the camera angle, movement, framing etc. This is used to put more creative and strategic thought into the video before filming. Which means there is an actionable plan when filming, so that no shots are missed that are necessary and saving time when filming, because there is less need to plan on the day. This also increases the quality of the video structure as it was thoughtfully planned out instead of on the spot thinking.

Scripts are necessary in most videos, that is why we offer perfectional script writing, to refine your message for your target market. Our process for script writing is for you to have a one hour meeting with the scriptwriter/director to understand your message. Time for the script writer to review meeting notes and do additional research on your business, industry and topic. After the script has been written you will have two rounds of changes with the scriptwriter before receiving the final script to practice for the filming day.

Interview questions work well if you want less planned and more organic responses from the speakers. The quality of the responses is highly dependent on the speaker. We therefore recommend that you also have a director as part of the filming project to help guide the speaker. 2 hour meeting with scriptwriter/director to understand your message. And develop the questions with you.

If you have a script already or want to write your own script. Then we can help refine and proof read as part of script writing support, as well as advise on the overall message.


Professional videographer including the following list of equipment: 2x cameras (one is 4k with slow motion capability and one 2k) and latest GoPro ; 3 different microphones for different situations and 1 recorder (only one microphone can be used at a time) ; 1 stabilizer gimbal, 2 video lights, 3 tripods and reflector.

Second videographer is for more or better coverage, for example at an event. Or if the project is time sensitive more people are necessary to do more in less time. Or if 2 camera setup is necessary. As well as help the main videographer with anything on the day if there is no assistant for example man lights or audio while main videographer is filming, charging or changing batteries and backing up footage.

A director is there to coordinate make sure everything goes according to plan and schedule. As well as help the speaker with their script or to ask the interview questions.

Assistants are needed for quicker setups and pack ups, especially for time sensitive projects as well as multiple location shoots. As well as help the videographer with anything on the day for example man lights or audio while videographer is filming, charging or changing batteries and backing up footage.

Post - Production

Video editing includes, reviewing footage, cutting and reordering footage, adding transitions and effects, color correcting and grading footage, as well as basic text, motion graphics and audio editing. This also includes one licensed music tract that will be added to the video. If you would like better text or motion graphics or any other additional elements, we have a template or custom created motion graphics option.

We offer custom created  motion graphics, effects or text elements for your video. This is if you want something, unique, specific, on brand or something you can use again for future projects. Or if you wanted to create a custom animation. Animations are great when used to create explainer videos as it helps visually explain concepts for viewers to better understand and retain information.

If you want to spice up your video with an intro, logo animation, motion graphics, animated text, dynamic transitions and effects. Without the costs and long turnaround of custom motion graphics then a template is what you need. We have access to 30 thousand templates that can be used for your video. You will only be charged for the sourcing and editing of the template and not the template itself. All templates will be licensed to use, but you are only allowed to receive the final edited video and not allowed to re-edit or receive the original files as per our contract with our supplier.

We have access to over a million stock footage clips that can be used for your video. This can be helpful if you need specific hard to film footage or don’t have a location for us to film. You will only be charged for the sourcing and editing of the footage and not the footage itself. All footage will be licensed to use, but you are only allowed to receive the final edited video and not allowed to re-edit or receive the original footage as per our contract with our supplier.

Additional dimensions optimize your video for social media and mobile viewing. Some templates and motion graphics not included this will have to be re created in most cases.


For any additional requirements that need to be added to the project. For example drone filming, voiceover artist, venue hire, make up artist, additional crew or equipment. We will source quotes from reliable third parties and will add a management fee equal to 20% of what they have quoted, for communication planning and collaboration. 

We normally include 2 rounds of revisions with all projects, this is most of the time enough to complete a project. But if you require additional revisions for any reason, it will be quoted for, on a hourly bases for that specific service.

Any service or project that requires it will include a travel fee. That will be calculated per km that needs to be traveled. This includes traveling to multiple locations.