Capture, create, and share your story.

Video tells a story better than any other format out there. With video you can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Video sells, when done right!

As you can see from these research statistics, video can be an incredible marketing tool. But a video on its own is just a nice to have if not done properly. For you to be able to get the same ROI from video, you need to Plan, Execute and Analyze. 

Add-ons for your video

Script writing

Voice over

Storyboard / shot list

Logo reveal animation

Additional dimensions for social media

Motion graphic text or elements

Drone filming

Stock footage / photos



Get your message to your customer or audience fast and easy. Interview style videos puts the focus on the speaker and their message. With relevant cinematic footage to entice and intrigue the viewer.


This is where you really try to stand out from the crowd and anything goes. If you want to run a campaign to show people your new amazing product or your new brand. Then lets make an ad that people want to share.



No matter what event it is, they all have the same thing in common. You only get one shot. Event filming is very dynamic, anything could happen at any time and when it comes to filming you need to always be ready. Doesn’t matter the reason, exposure or memories well be there capturing the moments that count.

Stock Footage Video

Stock footage videos are a great option if you have an online business and have no location to film. It’s a budget friendly option as it cuts out the need to film. We have access to near 1 million stock videos that we can source and license as part of your project. Additionally we have a wide network of voice over artists and will add some motion graphics to bring your video to life .


Whether you want to educate your customer on your business, product or service. Animation is an excellent option as an explainer video, as it’s strength lies in being able to visually show or explain different concepts in an easy to understand way for the audience.